A majority of FemSTEM’s time and resources will be allocated to grantmaking. FemSTEM will provide multiple annual scholarships to students who identify as women and/or LGBTQ and are pursuing studies in coding and technology. Financially supporting their educational opportunities in technology at their academic institutions is one of FemSTEM’s most impactful ways of carrying out our mission.


FemSTEM supports an inclusive community where women and members of the LGBTQ community can network, collaborate, and learn from each other. One on One mentoring is a cornerstone of our program where each of the Scholarship recipient will be assigned a Mentor in the field of technology. The Mentors will provide guidance to the Scholarship recipient in shaping their educational and professional journey.


FemSTEM is dedicated to helping our constituents secure internships. Internships plays a vital role in fostering educational and professional growth. By connecting you with valuable opportunities in various industries, we aim to bridge the gap between academia and the workforce. Through partnerships with businesses and mentorship programs, we provide students with practical experiences, enabling them to apply classroom knowledge in real-world settings. This not only enhances your skill sets but also boosts your confidence and prepares them for future careers. Additionally, we may offer resources such as resume workshops, interview preparation, and career counseling to empower students in their internship pursuits. By facilitating these connections, FemSTEM contributes to building a skilled and confident workforce while supporting students in their journey towards successful and fulfilling careers.


FemSTEM supports an inclusive community where women and members of the LGBTQ community can network, collaborate, and learn from each other. We will organize events, mentorship programs, and online forums to facilitate connection and support among women and the LGBTQ community in tech. Additionally, we will equip our constituents with the necessary tools and resources to advance their careers in technology.

Just like a steward cares for and manages valuable resources, our constituents will be mindful custodians of their professional path. Using principles of career stewardship, we help constituents navigate their careers with resilience, purpose, and a commitment to lifelong learning, ensuring sustained success and fulfillment in the ever-evolving world of work.



While most of the funds FemSTEM raises will support our grantmaking, a small portion of time and funds will be used for fundraising to support our grantmaking. Especially in the first few years, fundraising initiatives may take more time and effort to get the organization established. Fundraising initiatives include requesting donations on our website, maintaining a consistent social media presence, and hosting fundraising events.